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Streamate Review



It is a USA-based cam site and one of the most popular premium cam sites. Streamate has thousands of models stay online at any time, day or night. You can find models of your choice, from amateur girls to BBW porn stars. The site has continued to grow with time and expanding day by day.

Streamate contains own history as an originator in the live amateur world and one of the oldest and most visited webcam site. Streamate has a fantastic 40,000 plus sexy cam site, models. We cannot call it a freemium site because it has the ability to attract unregister users to become premium members.



Streamate has had the same old layout of the site since 2003. The layout is attractive, clean, and well organized in the best way. The color scheme is also good and keeps you focused on the necessary things. When you enter the website, you will see a black navigation bar on the left side to search for different categories.

3.Ease of use


Streamate has not a complex design to confuse the members. It has a pretty simple website that users can go through quickly. It contains all the information such as all cam girls or guys, trending keywords, category pages, gold shows, contests, and new members. The top of the homepage contains some other information about regions, ethnicity, features, language to show you available options. 

4.Image Quality


The image and video quality of Streamate are exceptional. However, there are no strict requirements for image and video quality. However, there is 720 HD quality, and most of the models have this image and video quality. 

Streamate rooms have a full window option, and the quality of the video is quite clear and crystal. The models use high-quality cameras and microphones to interact with members. 

 5.About models on the site


About models on the site

The models' profiles on the site are well-detailed, and you will find enough information about age, ethnicity, and interests. There are a lot of amateur models on the site, and they film themselves at home. However, you will also find many professional cam models and even porn models too. Apart from sexy girl models, you will also find males, transgender, and couples. However, the male number is less than females. On average, there are over 100 male models online at any time to entertain the users. 

The couples have a huge number on the site, and they perform live shows there. But it might be possible that some couples have solo pictures on the profile at first, and later, they started to perform as a couple. 

Transgender people also have a high number on the site, just like straight or bi-female models. It means that there is a huge variety on Streamate for you. You just need to go to the navigation tool to search for your interest. 

6.How to purchase credit and offers


Streamate is the most premium site instead of a freemium site. Although many free video rooms are available, chatting, tipping, and other features will only work when you sign up on the site. Here the sign-up is a little bit confusing for some people because it has a different method. 

On other sites, you first make a free account, and then on a need basis, you can add tokens to your account. At Streamate, you have to add the payment method when signing up, but charges will only be made when you do something premium. Otherwise, your account will not be charged.

On Streamate, there is no need to buy fix credit package as it is a pay-as-you-go site. If you want a private chat, the average cost is $3 per minute, and the rate is as low as $1 on the site. Exclusive chat is 30 to 50 percent more expensive, depending upon the models' choice. To keep your money spending in the limit, set a daily spending limit to the amount you want to spend.

 7.Offers for new members


As Streamate is a premium cam site, there are not any attractive offers for new members. As a guest user, you can access and explore public rooms, but you cannot chat there. You have to sign up for the site and add a payment method to participate in the chatting feature.

 8.Ethnicity of models


Streamate contains a wide variety of models from all over the world. You will find white, Romanian, Asian, European, American, East Indian, Hispanic, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern models. You can find your interest and choose the ethnicity of models accordingly.


9.Payment Options

You can buy tokens by the following payment options.

  • Visa

  • Mastercard

  • Discover

  • PayPal


10.Safety for users against Scams

Streamate is safe for your private connection and personal credit card, and other details. All the information will be encrypted and safe. Streamate uses SSL to encrypt all the transactions you do on the site. Streamate never shares any financial information with other performers or third-party. You should not worry about any kind of scam.

11.General FAQ of the site


11.1 Is there any age restriction on Streamate?

Yes, Streamate has an age restriction, and only 18+ adults can use this site and enjoy the public shows.


11.2 How can I keep my money usage within the limit?

Streamate has a daily spending limit option on the site where you can set the limit of money you want to spend on the site staying within your budget.


11.3 How can I find young models on the site?

The top of the home page, there is an icon named "age"; you can click there and search the models by age. You will see options like teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, etc. You can choose the models of your choice by setting the age option. 


11.4 Is there other genders on Streamate other than girls?

Yes, Streamate has guys, gays, couples, and transgender people as well to entertain the viewers in the best possible way.


11.5 Is it necessary to add a payment method on sign up?

Yes, Streamate is a pay-as-you-go site, and it requires your payment details when you sign up on the site. But it will not charge until you use any premium feature. You can also set a daily spending limit to keep a check on your payments.


12.General Opinion

Streamate is a collection of a large number of stunning models. A large number of models use high-quality cameras and microphones to male users' experience exceptional. The site's unique payment option is also good because you can set your spending limit to keep yourself on budget. Models will also treat you equally as they do not judge you on your credit package and tipping. All these features make Streamate worthy of money, time, and joy. 

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